Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Discover the drug-free natural solution for heartburn and acid reflux

The majority of people suffer from acid reflux. This disease is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD for short. It is a common condition when stomach acid and parts of stomach contents come back in the mouth. You should not confuse reflux disease and heartburn which is a common mistake. The acid does not flow into the mouth. The main reason for acid reflux is improper work of the lower sphincter in esophagus. The other causes of this disease are hot and acidic food , hiatal hernia, yeast infection, peptic ulcers, alcohol and smoking.

Both heartburn and acid reflux are painful conditions that occur when the contents of your stomach flow back into your esophagus, causing burning, chest pain, and other serious symptoms.
There are many medications that you can take. Discover the soothing digestive relief that pure, natural Aloe Vera Gel can bring. Thousands are saying goodbye to expensive medications that cause unwanted side-effects and turning natural goodness of natures own digestive miracle, pure, wholesome Aloe Vera Gel. If you suffer from Heartburn, Acid Reflux, IBS or Ulcers, but don't like the side effects of prescription drugs or OTC medications, then 100% Real Aloe Vera Gel may be the miracle you've been searching for...
Using Aloe Vera for heartburn and Aloe Vera for acid reflux is a good way to treat your condition naturally ( I have seen the results firsthand).
The secret is the powerful raw Aloe Gel. Before Forever Company fills a bottle, they remove unwanted components - such as aloine - while simultaneously enhancing the natural potency of the Aloe Gel using their unique patent of processing method.
The result? A superior drink with more healthful power than any other aloe 
beverage available.
How to take Aloe Gel in right way? 

If you are experiencing heartburn, the first step you should take is to see your doctor. 
After consulting with your doctor, you can begin using Aloe Vera Gel for heartburn or acid reflux to relieve your symptoms. But relieve your symptoms its not enough. You can achieve good result if you take Aloe Vera Gel for eight weeks. This liquid is rich in vitamins (only vitamin D is absent in it), long-chain sugars that re-balance the digestion. It also includes minerals that are necessary for the enzymes to properly function and twenty two amino acids and even those ones that are not produced by the organism. It is proven that relief from acid reflux is provided by the synergistic effect of all the components of the gel. 
Generally, the recommendation is to drink about ¼ cup of Aloe Vera Gel (2-3 oz.) approximately 20 minutes before eating a meal. Aloe has properties that help to balance gastric acidity, control production of stomach acid and sooth the digestive system.
When you first begin, its better to take Aloe Vera Gel in small doses (about 1 table spoon) to ensure that you do not experience diarrhea. You should also never consume Aloe Vera that is not specifically approved for internal use.
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