Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Laminine Assists your Body in Removal of Toxins

Most probably you heard about Laminine and that is the reason you are here, to know more about it. What is Laminine? How is it connected to laminin protein? Is it safe? Where can I buy Laminine? You will find all the answers to these questions and more as you read on. Every day our body is exposed to harmful elements like pollution and stress. The air we breathe is not as fresh as used to be and the food we eat is full of chemicals such as flavor enhancers and artificial sweeteners. This why is important  to clean, detox your body from toxins.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Laminine decrease stress level, improves better sleep and energy level

Use of Laminine promotes a feeling of relaxation effect that may be to some degree attributed to the dramatic decrease in levels of the stress hormone Cortisol produced after Laminine ingestion. 
As indicated, Laminine reduces stress-hormone levels dramatically in the body. When Cortisol levels decline, we feel more relaxed.

Monday, March 24, 2014

History of Laminine

Lets go back to the history... 
In 1929, John R. Davidson, a Canadian Doctor, discovered an extract derived from fertilized hen eggs at a critical stage of incubation. He used this extract to restore health in his patients. Dr.Davidson spent well over a decade developing and researching his theory. However, when Dr. Davidson passed away in 1943, his research on fertilized hen eggs was not passed along, and was quickly forgotten.
Dr. Bjodne Eskeland
It wasn’t until almost 50 years later that the pursuit of fertilized hen egg extract was revived by Norway’s foremost expert on egg research, Dr. Bjodne Eskeland

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laminine Addresses Blood Sugar and Diabetes Issues

    Laminine is Clinically Proven to raise the levels of the aptly named, 'Happy Hormone', Serotonin. This brain chemical or hormone is designed by the Creator to give us a sense of well-being, a happiness, a calmness, and has a direct level-lowering effect on Cortisol also known as 'The Stress Hormone". Laminine lowers cortisol levels by 50% or more. That's huge.
    Is Cortisol Bad? No! Cortisol has a beneficial effect on the body. Your body was designed to react to survival situations, stressful events,

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Laminine for Mood Enhancement and Relief from Depression

 Depression is caused by many external factors, including stress. In the brain, the serotonin uptake and release mechanism is affected. Laminine contains the amino acid Lysine; derived from PESE and vegetable proteins. The combination of these two components delivers a higher level of Lysine in the OPT9 than either ingredient would by itself. Lysine is known to regulate serotonin levels in the brain.
Some 20 million people worldwide experience depression serious enough to warrant being placed on prescription medication.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How much Laminine you can take?

How to Take Laminine - Protocols for Use:
Laminine Is a Un-DeNatured Whole-Food Supplement. You cannot take too much!
When we talk about capsules or pills, we're often inclined to use words like dose or dosage. But in reality those words are more for medicines and drugs and not supplements. If you look on the back of vitamins and supplements they'll say it right there: "Serving Size". Use whatever word you wish - it means "How Many Do I Take?".
Dr. Shelva Christian, one of the nation's foremost Naturopathic Practitioners, says that in her long experience with naturopathic remedies, like Laminine, there is a four month retracing of the condition being addressed. The symptoms that appeared most recently will be the first ones to disappear, and vice-versa. Rebuilding our bodies at a cellular level is a process. She compares it to layers of an onion being peeled away.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What is Laminine?

When a Doctor was asked, "Would you be intested if it could do these things?".
His response was, "Gosh I'd buy it if it could do ONE of those things!"
If you never heard about Laminine watch this video:

Some of us have been looking all our lives for diets, supplements or nutritional therapies that have a major impact that can shift our body from a declining, degenerative state to a Regenerative state where the body starts to rebuild and re-balance. Using these methods, it can be very difficult, depending upon how advanced a condition is, to reverse this process of degeneration. Laminine is a totally unique product that can help reverse this degenerative decline into a regenerative spiral upwards. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Discover the drug-free natural solution for heartburn and acid reflux

The majority of people suffer from acid reflux. This disease is also known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, GERD for short. It is a common condition when stomach acid and parts of stomach contents come back in the mouth. You should not confuse reflux disease and heartburn which is a common mistake. The acid does not flow into the mouth. The main reason for acid reflux is improper work of the lower sphincter in esophagus. The other causes of this disease are hot and acidic food , hiatal hernia, yeast infection, peptic ulcers, alcohol and smoking.