Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laminine Addresses Blood Sugar and Diabetes Issues

    Laminine is Clinically Proven to raise the levels of the aptly named, 'Happy Hormone', Serotonin. This brain chemical or hormone is designed by the Creator to give us a sense of well-being, a happiness, a calmness, and has a direct level-lowering effect on Cortisol also known as 'The Stress Hormone". Laminine lowers cortisol levels by 50% or more. That's huge.
    Is Cortisol Bad? No! Cortisol has a beneficial effect on the body. Your body was designed to react to survival situations, stressful events,
by dramatically increasing the levels of this hormone, what some doctors are now calling "The Death Hormone". In previous centuries, this mechanism enabled people to "bulk-up" on foods that would sustain them during times when food is scarce; however, in modern times and industrialized nations, when food is rarely scarce, this previously adaptive mechanism causes excess weight gain. Particularly around the thighs and Mid-Section.
    Most folks know what a 'sugar-boost' is, and are far too familiar with the 'sugar-crash' afterward. In today's world, many of us live in an environment of deadlines and fulfillment of commitments. We live in a world of 'drive there', 'do this', 'do that', 'make sure this get's done before Friday'. Deadlines and commitments. More Deadlines and Commitments. Don't forget to pick up this and drop off that. We EXIST today in an environment of Chronic Stress resulting in chronic elevation of our Cortisol to UNHEALTHY levels.

    In times of stress, Cortisol raises your blood sugar, tells your body to CRAVE SUGARS and CARBS and to store them as fat. Survival. A short-term boost in blood sugar gives you the boost in energy to survive, now, in the short-term. But you were designed to rest afterward and we just don't, do we? We bounce from crisis to crisis. Chronic elevation of Cortisol Levels can bring about chronic health problems and health crisis situations such as stroke and heart attack. Did you ever see a person so stressed that you thought, 'They better slow down before they give themselves a heart attack'? Chronically elevated stress levels resulting in elevated Cortisol levels, might do just that.
    BUT THERE IS HOPE! Laminine will lower your stress levels while still in the stressful situations. How wonderful is that? Yes we need to slow down. Yes we need to rest more. But what if you can't? What if moving to an island and relaxing for a living just isn't in the cards for us? Laminine, THAT'S WHAT! LAMININE!. Lower your Cortisol and you lower your Blood Sugar. The simple solutions are the best solutions!
Laminine Is CLINICALLY Proven to reduce Cortisol by Increasing Serotonin.
Less Cortisol Means Less Cravings for Wrong Food Choices, Lower Blood Sugar,Less Belly Fat being Stored

What are you waiting for?
A Happier, Healthier, Younger Looking and Feeling You is Waiting.

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