Tuesday, March 4, 2014

How much Laminine you can take?

How to Take Laminine - Protocols for Use:
Laminine Is a Un-DeNatured Whole-Food Supplement. You cannot take too much!
When we talk about capsules or pills, we're often inclined to use words like dose or dosage. But in reality those words are more for medicines and drugs and not supplements. If you look on the back of vitamins and supplements they'll say it right there: "Serving Size". Use whatever word you wish - it means "How Many Do I Take?".
Dr. Shelva Christian, one of the nation's foremost Naturopathic Practitioners, says that in her long experience with naturopathic remedies, like Laminine, there is a four month retracing of the condition being addressed. The symptoms that appeared most recently will be the first ones to disappear, and vice-versa. Rebuilding our bodies at a cellular level is a process. She compares it to layers of an onion being peeled away.

She says with Laminine, most people see some improvement, gradually increasing, from the first week to the 12th week. But the FOURTH MONTH is when she sees most dramatic recoveries occur.
You may buy it because your knees hurt and find your chronic digestive problems addressed first. You see, YOUR body and your body alone knows better what needs healing first. Better than you, better than your doctor or nutritionist. YOUR BODY KNOWS BEST. So Four months is a good period to shoot for, but start with one month.
LifePharm Global, Laminine's Parent Company, recommends you take 2 capsules, twice a day for 15 days to "LOAD" your system and 1 capsule twice a day after that. That Protocol is Recommended for your first month. Most People will adjust their own numbers. Listen to your body. If One capsule a day is enough for you because you feel the effects of Longer, Deeper Sleep, Calmer, More Peaceful Feeling. Then you only need that one bottle per month after the first month. If you only notice those effects almost everyone gets when you take 2caps twice a day then that should be your amount as your body lets you know. Many people take 4 or 5 capsules each time to see reversals of conditions once thought irreversable. What works for you is what works for you!

To give Laminine a fair shot and notice a palpable difference in a shorter amount of time, you may choose a greater loading amount of three capsules twice a day for several days then two capsules per serving after that. This is the balance that produces the most effect in the shortest time for the least amount of cost in our experience. We absolutely URGE you to do it together with a friend or partner so you can compare progress. We call it the 'Buddy System" and it really gives it's weight in Gold for results! 
An Alternate FIRST MONTH Protocol is two capsules twice a day for three weeks and one week off. Many people see some symptoms return during that week of the first month and decide to go ahead and continue Laminine, Schedule their auto-delivery using the back-office site provided and become Part of the Growing Army of Healing People!
How to take Laminine. VERY IMPORTANT!

Take your capsules first thing in the morning and mid to late afternoon. Try to make it as much a 12hr time span as possible. I like to keep our morning capsules in the bedroom so when I get up early I do it very first thing. Take with a FULL glass of good healthy filtered water (~12oz) Alkalized is fine (never distilled or reverse osmosis), and look at the clock. Do not Consume anything else except water for thirty minutes, such as coffee or tea. Black Coffee or Plain Tea with Stevia should be fine. We want no proteins or carbs at all such as sugar, honey, milk, creamer, etc. in the system. An Empty Stomach is vital. Carbs are made of Proteins, which are made of Amino Acids; those will compete with Laminine's perfect balance of Amino Acids. Look on the back of any Amino Acid Supplement - you'll see "Take Only on an Empty Stomach".
Then in the afternoon, again, as close to a twelve hour difference as possible; once again a full glass of water. Alkalized is fine. Wait at least two hours after the last ingestion of ANYTHING and at least one half hour before meals. Remember what Dr. Shelva Christian Says! "As with any health regimen, ALWAYS drink 1/2oz of good healthy filtered water per day PER LB of body weight. Never EVER drink distilled or 'reverse-osmosis' water. That is "DEAD-WATER", everything life-giving has been removed. Your body will not properly absorb "DEAD-WATER". It NEEDS the minerals. Especially Magnesium! God made water to flow over rocks for a reason!
Never use plastic water containers for the hot car. Always use glass. Plastic leaches chemicals in even just a "warm car". 

Drink Good Healthy Filtered water." ~~~Dr. Shelva Christian

What are you waiting for?
A Happier, Healthier, Younger Looking and Feeling You is Waiting.
Buy Laminine Today and Begin "The Best Years of Your Life"

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