Wednesday, February 3, 2016

What can you do to stop memory loss?

Does your memory seem to be fading? What can you do to stop memory loss? It is a cruel scientific fact that our brains start to slow down after the age of 40, and we inevitably begin to have some degree of memory loss. In fact, up to 17 percent of people over 65 will end up with some form of mild cognitive impairment, such as
occasional difficulties with concentration, finding the correct word, focusing and remembering where we have put the car keys! Episodes of feeling grumpy, miserable, or anxious are extremely common in middle-aged persons, too. The unfortunate truth is that between six and 15 percent of patients who meet the criteria of “mild cognitive impairment” will eventually develop full dementia. It is frightening to accept that aging means a loss of cognitive thinking and the power to remember. 
The brain relies on a complex symphony of chemicals to keep the mood stable and to function properly—if you disturb that balance, you can become depressed, unable to sleep and become too anxious to concentrate properly. If you are eating the wrong foods, getting insufficient exercise or sleep, overindulging in social media and TV, having too much stress and too little downtime, you will almost certainly be destabilizing the levels of three crucial brain chemicals: 
Serotonin helps you feel calm, optimistic and self-confident. 
Dopamine is responsible for making you feel excited, motivated and energized. 
Cortisol, the stress hormone, helps to rev up your energy into high gear when you need it.

Many of the factors that cause brain fog are better understood today. The individual can decrease the risk by incorporating some lifestyle changes. New research suggests that brain fog may be reversible. How we eat, sleep, work and live has a profound effect on our learning ability and our ability to retain information.

One of the main recent discoveries is that Omega-3 fatty acids are the best fats to incorporate into the diet. In fact, the membranes of the neurons of the brain and spinal cord are made up of omega-3 fatty acids. And, omega-3s have been shown to reduce inflammation which we now know is key to warding of depression, staying sharp, and managing stress and anxiety. You can take charge of your brain health in as little as two weeks if you remove the blocks that keep you stuck and give your brain the materials it needs to operate effectively. Studies show that some memory loss may be restored with regular intake of omega-3s. 
In light of these findings, incorporating OMEGA+++ into your daily regimen and eating fish up to three times a week is effective and simple. Omega- 3s are the best fats for your brain because they prevent inflammation, the key to cognitive function and they ward off depression, stress and anxiety.1,2 Studies showed that six months of fish oil supplementation was enough to improve verbal fluency. Make OMEGA+++ part of your daily regimen and you will notice an improvement in your lifestyle. Not only will your entire body function better, but you may feel a real difference in your brain power!

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