Friday, June 14, 2024

Cellnergy Power Cream - best joint pain solution


On May 30th 2024 LifePharm company released a new absolutely unique product for joint and muscle pain relief - Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream. If you tried Laminine, you would know how this supplement works. The main ingredient for all products is Bio-Active Growth Factors, which supports most organs and stem cells, by working at the DNA level to stimulate cell rejuvenation. Many customers confirmed that Laminine helps with muscle and joint issues. It is time to power the result.

Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream is a self-heating topical cream for treating and relieving achy joints.

As we get older, our joints can’t recover like they used to. This is because our body’s stem cells become dormant. This is known as Degenerative Disorder.

Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream is the world’s first topical solution for Degenerative Disorder. It contains a unique blend of Bio-Active Growth Factors that have been shown to reactivate stem cells and combat Degenerative Disorder. 

It also pairs these Bio-Active Growth Factors with a blend of ingredients - containing a natural sensory agent and Infrared Energy to create its cutting-edge ThermalWave Technology.

This ThermalWave Technology makes the cream self-heating. It feels warm and comforting when applied to your joints. And the Infrared Energy within has been shown to reach deep into the skin to soothe joints, stimulate blood flow, improve sleep quality, and promote cellular activity. Studies show the Infrared Energy used in Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream to be a safe and effective therapy for relieving joint discomfort.

Experiencing joint or muscle discomfort? Simply apply Cellnergy Power Cream to the affected area twice per day for best results. 

Pro Tip: For improved sleep, apply the product to the back of the neck and upper back before bedtime.

Get the benefit.

•  Quick relief from joint discomfort through TermalWave Technology

•  Tackles the root cause of Degenerative Disorder by promoting Stem Cell activation

•  Improves blood circulation to promote cellular activity and healing

•  Promotes deep sleep for improved mental focus and clarity

Simply apply a generous amount of Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream to your skin and joints. Then rub it into your skin until it is fully absorbed. You can reapply the cream as much as you need. For best results, we recommend you use the cream twice per day.

Here is the news! LifePharm has an incredible device Cellnergy Wellness Terahertz Waves. Do you want to know more about it? Read in the next post. 

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