Monday, April 20, 2015

Laminine in PDR and an other news....

I am very proud to let everyone knows that our LAMININE now is on P.D.R.(Physician Desk Referrence). The most Trusted Reference book for Physicians and Doctors means we can now have "Therapeutic Claims"... Clinically Proven at RECOMMENDED WORLDWIDE by all Doctors and Physicians. Check official web site PDR here.
You still think about trying Laminine? Grab this PDF file  from PDR, print and consult with your doctor. 

On December 2014 LPGN presented there product in Las Vegas for 26000 Physicians and Scientists from 120 Countries at 22 Annual World Congress of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine.

One more good news!
Laminine is officially available in UK!
From now on, you can visit official company's website, choose products, pay for them directly to company and your order will get delivered straight to your door. It is very easy and no worries anymore !
Introduce people with this unique product, help them with information how to look after they health.

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