Thursday, April 9, 2015

Sports Nutrition and How Recover Faster After Exercise and Workouts

      When you lead an active lifestyle, consuming not only the right foods but also at the right time has a major impact on your fitness. Recovery after a workout will be greatly enhanced if your food consumption is well chosen and well timed. Timing is everything – get it right and the positive effects can lead to less body fat and more muscle.

     Studies have found that pre and post-workout drinks
containing simple, high-GI (glycemic index) carbs and protein increase sports recovery greatly. Following a workout, your body will transfer carbs and protein into the muscle tissues instead of storing them as fat – there is a specific window where the body moves glucose into the liver and muscles to replace the glycogen lost during exercise. This window of opportunity (the “metabolic window”) usually only stays open for about 30 minutes, so it is important to take advantage of it at the right time with the correct nutrition.

     OPT9 and creatine reinforce each other. The net result of using this combination is improved performance, decreased fatigue, and a reduced risk of energy depletion in the muscles. 
In 1996, a double-blind trial on the use of PESE conducted at the University of Colorado showed that the group using it experienced a strength increase that was nearly double that of the group using creatine. PESE and creatine together were found to outperform creatine and other food supplements in the areas of endurance, training, motivation, and subjective health and well-being, and it has the enthusiastic endorsement of many top athletes. They report recovering faster after training. This is linked to a substantial reduction in lactic acid production, which also contributes to increased stamina.
      But what does creatine have to do with OPT9?
     It appears that creatine and the egg protein fractions that are found in OPT9 reinforce each other, resulting in a prominent increase in effectiveness. This means that bodybuilders and athletes experience greatly enhanced benefits when adding Laminine to their regimen and that means you will too!
No wonder the product has the enthusiastic endorsement of so many professional athletes and bodybuilders. Whether it is a physical or mental challenge you face or just the need to handle everyday demands, Laminine may help. 

A delay in lactic acid production
The ability to tolerate longer training sessions.
Improved Stamina
Maximum Muscular Strength
Faster Recovery after training sessions
Quicker recovery from physical exertion
Better muscle tone
Increased muscle strength

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